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[[I might not be able to thank each and every one of you for your Favorites and Watches, but please know that it makes my heart jump each time I see it in my messages list. It´s your support that just keeps me going with my art and makes me want to better myself with each and every piece.

Thank you all for everything. It means a whole so incredibly much to me.]]

[[Name]] Zikaur Dikura

[[Age]] 25

[[Gender]] Female

[[Species]] Canis Astrum Novus*

[[General Appearance]] *|2012Reference Sheet|

[[Questions?]] Please email for commission status updates, commissioning me or questions in general.

[[Paypal]] , tips and donations are highly appreciated! Thank you kindly.

[[Cons Attended]]

Scotiacon 2012

Scotiacon 2013
Scotiacon 2014
Confuzzled 2014

[[Cons I´ll Be Attending]]

Scotiacon 2015

Confuzzled 2015
You can find me in the Dealer´s Den

Latest Journal

All Caught Up

Hey there folks!

First of all I'd like to thank all the new followers from joining my little area here on Weasyl and I really hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to message me for a chat or just drop a comment! I'm pretty much always open for a bit of a chitter chat and love making new friends. If you'd like to meet me and say Hi in person, I frequent the Dealer's Dens at Scotiacon and Confuzzled pretty much each year.

So! On to business.
With this whole thing at FA going down (I'm refraining from mentioning my personal opinion on the matter, as I feel there's no need for it. This is still a professional setting after all.) I've decided to update my Weasyl page and expand my hub to here as well. I've taken the time today to cross post each image that was behind (which is why some of the info in the descriptions of the images is out of date) and update my profile.
I will still be using FurAffinity as my main hub, but will make a real effort to keep Weasyl up to date as well. I've noticed a bigger influx of users now and I really want to make this platform just as popular as FurAffinity! As long as we all keep using this website as well, I'm sure it'll work out.

For now though I'll still be slightly quiet as I'm working on fixing up my house to be put for sale within the next 2 weeks. So I'll be away from my computer but will still be checking often to answer messages and e-mails. So if you need me, I am available.

Have a great time my lovely stars and see you soon!

Much love,

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Black Paper
€ 30.00
€ 25.00
Wings, Extra Detail (black paper)
from € 20.00
to € 20.00


Book Noms
€ 10.00
Regular, Digital
€ 25.00

Clean Lines, Detailed Shading

5 - 8 Hour Image
from € 50.00
to € 80.00

Clean Lines, Flat Colors

1 Hour Image
€ 10.00

Clean Lines, Simple Shading

2 - 4 Hour Image
from € 20.00
to € 40.00

Lineless, Detailed Shading

9+ Hour Image
€ 90.00

Sketchbook Covers

€ 50.00
€ 30.00

Instead of working with a base price, I charge by the hour.
My price is currently 10 euros an hour and I can tell you with pretty great accuracy how long the image you have in mind will take.

If you're curious about commissioning me, then please send me a note on here, on FA, or an e-mail to

Also keep an eye on my journals for special offers and check out my Patreon for offers and goodies there!



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