Adoptabe 2 (Buy-Out OPEN) by Zikaur

Adoptabe 2 (Buy-Out OPEN)


5 October 2013 at 08:11:56 MDT

As the auction was a major bust, I´ll leave this open for a buy-out price of €20,- for the character alone. If you´d like me to draw an image of the character to go along with it, please check out the ladder options below.

If you´re interested in this character, please comment below or note me.

Old Text Below, please ignore the end date of the auction.

And on to the next adoptable, this cute monster who might seem fearsome with such large claws but is really just nothing more than a giant cuddle-monster.

One night his shape just suddenly sprung into mind and after that, it wasn´t hard at all to figure out what he´d look like and what colors he would have. I´m exceptionally proud of him and I hope he goes to a great home.


  • The auction will run untill Monday the 23rd, 22:00 GMT+1. You have untill then to bid, the highest bid wins.
  • Serious bids only please, be prepared to pay what you bid.
  • Your bid is only valid if you replied to the last bidder.
  • All bids are in Euros and the highest bidder is asked to pay using Paypal.

  • The minimum bid is €10,-

  • The minimum bid increment is €5,-

This auction is a laddered auction, meaning that the more is bid, the more you will get.

The minimum of €10,- will get you just this reference sheet (and of course the character).

€20,- will get you the ref sheet and a torso badge of this character.

€30,- will get you the ref sheet and either a simple digital image or a badge and a sketch.

€40,- will get you the ref sheet, a badge and a digital image.

€50,- will get you the ref sheet and a detailed image.

€60,- will get you the ref sheet, a highly detailed image and a badge.

Anything over €70,- can be discussed on what sort of extras you get, though I doubt it´d get to that amount.

After you´ve won, you then own the character and do whatever you wish with it. If you do decide to repost this image to your personal gallery, please give me credit for the artwork.

I will send you a note and a comment when you´ve won.


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