brett workmen's ZZ 5000 freighter (this is a gift for him.) by zenol leytan

brett workmen's ZZ 5000 freighter (this is a gift for him.)

zenol leytan

30 October 2016 at 13:41:43 MDT

CONGRADULATIONS (brett workmen), you are the lucky winner of a brand new correlian ZZ 5000, based on the design of the famous angel of miracles stock configuration, this baby comes fully loaded with everything any space traveler needs to explore the galaxy, fully stocked food supplies, medical equipment, 5 fully equipped droids for navigation, maintenance, medical work, security, and protocol applications, all this beauty needs is a name and her captain. the stock equipment reads as fallows.

stock equipment:
sub light engines: high power EMdrive system
ftl engine system: hybrid warp field generator and hyper drive reactor.
power core: quantum singularity engine core prototype
cargo space: 4 meter's cubed in nose of the ship.
living space: 3 decks, central living area.
passenger capacity: 18 people
minimum crew: 4
primary computer system: the neural nexus 1 central computer system, can be augmented with any p3 series, or other astromech units.
other equipment: central p3 astromech slot, normal astromech slot, Q series astromech slots, nose mounted deflector dish and worm hole generator, universal mapping system.
primary weapons system: dorsal and ventral weapon turrets, front mounted turbo lasers.
included droids: p3 astromech, super tactical droid, builder droid, protocol droid, and a modified medical droid.

custom equipment: you get to chose.
owner: :icontrufriend13:
ship line owned by me
art by :

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