the angel of miracles fully detailed. by zenol leytan

the angel of miracles fully detailed.

zenol leytan

30 October 2016 at 13:41:24 MDT

this is my fully custom ship, the angel of miracals, the over all design is mine and mine alone, she is a truely unique ship of my own creation and i would like to keep her unique, she was created designed and has a back story that says she is the only one, i will only allow 2 other ships to be build and exist in my head cannon universe and i will consider allowing others to exist outside the cannon story i made, i added my crew's logo to the hull, based on my favorite team growing up.

tech detail transfered from consept art:
given name: angel of miracles
manufacturer: correlian ship yards
model: ZZ 5000 prototype
length: 104.25
height no landing skid's: 6 meters
height with skids: 6.8 meters
sub light engines: high power EMdrive system
ftl engine system: hybrid warp field generator and hyper drive reactor.
power core: quantum singularity engine core prototype
cargo space: 4 meter's cubed in nose of the ship.
living space: 3 decks, central living area.
passenger capacity: 18 people
minimum crew: 4
additional hardware: central p3 astromech slot, normal astromech slot, Q series astromech slots, nose mounted deflector dish and worm hole generator, universal mapping system, computer controlled pigmentation of the insignia on the hull allows it to be hidden.
primary weapons system: dorsal and ventral weapon turrets, front mounted turbo lasers, internal defense stunners, 4 modified Q7 blastromechs for internal defense.
primary computer system: the neural nexus 1 central computer system, named teletran 5, can be augmented with any p3 series, or other astromech units.
shielding system: high strength zeldak 1487 shield generator

back story: the correlian ZZ5000 is a one of a kind ship, actually she's the only one of her kind. due to complications with high costs of construction, parts, labor, not to mention making a quantum singularity for the engine core made the line die after they made the first working prototype. Until the day i won her in a fight she;s never actually flown in space or over a planet, she had not been touched sense she left the ship yards making her fully stock when i found her. And after i got the keys to her i began to slowly upgrade and modify her existing systems, she was already unique before we met and she has continued to serve me and my crew faithfully and without falter, she may be young compared to other ships but i wouldn't trade her in for anything.

art by :iconwingzero-01-custom:
this model belongs to me.
star wars belongs to Disney/lucas arts

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