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East and Cosmic by Zenithell

East and Cosmic


Two girls, chillin' in a photo booth, right by each other 'cuz they are gay.

Meet a long-time OC, Cosmic End (right) and her new girlfriend, East (left) that I got as a custom by SavannaEGoth! It's nice to draw some of my own OCs and someone other than the main OCs!


ALTERNATE TEXT: This image features a bust of a female gemsbok on the left, nuzzling her face in to the cheeck of a female nubian ibex on the right. They are in a photo booth with a simple, single-tone background. They are both smiling.


Time taken: 3 hours
Tablet: XP-Pen Deco 1
Program: Painttool Sai 2.0


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    Gemsbok!! I'm so happy to see another Gemsbok; this is a very cool one and such a sweet illustration!

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      Thank you! She's a new OC of mine but I love her already!