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Commission for DashingZebra by Zenithell

Commission for DashingZebra


Probably the largest and most ambitious commission I've ever done, commissioned by DashingZebra ( It was a new, fun experience, the most challenging piece of art I've done, and they were SUPER patient with how long it took me to draw this. But I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and Dashing is SUPER great to work with, absolutely. Go follow him, he deserves it.

THANKS, I'm going to go cry with my 20 forms of wrist damage now.

ALT TEXT: This image features an anthro male zebra and an anthro male deer, both with hooved feet. The two characters are next to each other. The zebra, who is black and white striped with his black and white mane, as well as yellow eyes, is wearing Roman inspired centurion armor, with metal chest plates and a red undershirt and skirt. He is leaning upon a pale yellow marble pillar. He has a small grin on his face while looking at the deer, is somewhat facing the viewer, and his right (but your left) arm is wrapped around the deer. The deer, who is dark brown with a light brown on his eyelids and around his muzzle, with a dark green eye showing, and a darker brown on his fingers, has a set of eight point antlers, and he is wearing a white toga with a purple and red cloth band around his shoulders and waist. He has one hand on the zebra's chest and another around his back, and is looking at him flirtatiously and lovingly. They are behind a brick wall, and in the background, a large set of dark marble arches of an aquaduct are visible, with a dirt path patched with green grass leading to them and a bright blue sky with a few white clouds in it.


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