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(2022) Plaza Collab by Zeacade

(2022) Plaza Collab


Collab with Cebby, featuring our OCs doing silly and funny things on a plaza. I had so much fun drawing it and Cebby had it as well.

Characters Lominele (red birb), Unpi (kobold), Spike Foreside (big non-anthro snek), Sazedaan (mutant bat wearing a short skirt), Catandee (lynx on the fountain) and Satsuma (pink-haired boi) © Zeacade
Characters Clowey (with huge claws), Vorvi (with tentacles), Ganry (swimming croc), Drace (red scaly girl), Seniara (cobra lady) and Kaskarraki (strong dragonborn guy) © Cenbes
Artwork © Cebby and Zeacade (collab)