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About me: irregular straight guy, legal adult, left-handed, self-taught hobbyist artist, fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast, not a furry, I prefer scalies and aliens.

Everything in my gallery is drawn by me (sometimes in collaboration with other artists).

Artwork permission: personal non-commercial use is okay as long as you give proper credits and don't claim it as your own. Also don't claim my OCs as your own, don't use them for RP and don't use them as a reference for your characters.

Important: all the platforms I'm using to post my art and all my official accounts are listed below. If somebody uses my name and/or post my art on other platforms or using another account, it's not really me but an impersonator. Please report them.


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Fur Affinity

Latest Journal

What I do and don't draw

There are many things that I don't like and I will never draw them. If you want me to draw something for you, please keep all these 'rules' in mind (no matter is it a commission or a trade, etc).

  1. I only draw characters, such as fursonas, OCs, fan characters, etc. I never draw real people and animals (such as your irl cat pet, for example). I don't draw abstract art and landscapes (I can draw them as a background though).

  2. I don't draw anything that is illegal or is against the rules (of Weasyl, DeviantART and FurAffinity). I don't draw anything that features and/or promotes any kind of hate. I don't draw anything that features any political or religious themes.

  3. I will never draw my characters in any scenarios that I don't like.

  4. Basically I can draw anything that is totally clean, SFW and family-friendly (as long as it's following all of those rules above).

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