Terriekitten - Kittybunneh by Zaseishin

Terriekitten - Kittybunneh


16 January 2014 at 23:29:01 MST

Turnabout is fair play in my book. I only wish Velute wasn't as into girls so I could feel like I had a little revenge here for what she had Kimille and I do. Then again, getting to see her and Lisabunny all over each other was HOT. They started out all cute like this all licking and cuddling together then well... as you can see from where Vel's hand is going there were soon some magic fingers involved. At some point I tried to join but they threatened to stop if I didn't stay where I was. Velute is a devious girl when she wants to be. She knew if I weren't forced to sit and watch I'd not have been half as frustrated when I she told me to come here and I'd not have plowed her nearly as rough.

This was a nice surprise from Terrie. Terrie gave us a lot of fun stuff but this is the last that actually had our characters (Zas or Vel) in them. Otherwise I'd post more. Love the bunny's expression. I can't remember if that is indeed Lisa but I'll say it is. I think this came out of Vel having said "I want a bunny" in our linkshell to be honest. Terrie does cute so well.

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