Terriekitten - Teppichpracker by Zaseishin

Terriekitten - Teppichpracker


16 January 2014 at 23:23:04 MST

Some times I don't know how I get myself into these things but here I am with a tarutaru dominatrix about to swat my ass good and hard. Now, I could easily have punted the taru girl but she was just so damned cute I couldn't imagine she was serious about it. It wasn't till she clipped the cuffs to the spreader bar that I realized I had done something stupid but I didn't actually worry till she attached a tail cuff to my collar.

Thankfully, that swatter wasn't really all too painful and neither was she very strong. After she got all worked up from working me over she let me loose and I got to find out just how durable those little chipmunks are. o_o

Ugh. Would you believe this is the FIRST time I ever saw Zas in color? I've had this for years and years by the way. But yeah, first time I saw Z in color...and this was it. Eyes are hazel and not brown but I was surprised to see it this accurate without any questions. O_O

Long story short. I wiped our team in FFXI one day. We're a bunch of really good players and I just had a momentary lapse and did something stupid. Everyone said something like "We need to spank you Zas!" and next day I'm presented with this. x_x

You know you like it c.c


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