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Olav Cantu Reference


3 February 2018 at 11:52:18 MST

Started this right after Gwen's reference. I'm still tweaking this one to be honest but I wanted to post it before it got lost. Good enough for nooow.

Olav Cantu
Azorran a
73 years old
7' (~2.1m)

Father: Izar Cantu
Mother: Silvia Cantu
Daughter: Gwen Sonnen
That Bitch: Riya Sonnen

  • Mention Riya and you'll never hear the end of how much of a manipulative bitch she was to him

  • Still called a nerd on occasion. If it's from close acquaintances it's usually meant to be a term of endearment. Otherwise it's not.

  • Enjoys drinking tea and eating way too many pastries

  • Occasionally enjoys margaritas (he's a silly drunk)

  • Not qualified to operate land based vehicles. Can operate many different kinds of space vehicles though.

  • Owns his own spaceship, Hypernova V. It's mostly automated by an army of drones to keep personnel down. Gwen helps maintain these drones on her spare time. Some are still painted neon colors from when she was a child.

  • Owns an electric car but can't even use it. He makes Gwen drive him around the colonies instead. When not in use it's stored on Hypernova V.

  • Thinks bugs are gross

  • One of the tallest characters in the setting (other than Silvia and Pary) and the second most intimidating because of it.

  • Tattoo is actually their symbol for one septillion. He does not like to talk about it and tries to keep it out of view.

  • Fairly introverted but still has confidence. He can mask his introversion when necessary. It drains him though.

  • Likes bubble baths and has a bad habit of falling asleep in the tub

  • Tutored Gwen before starting primary school and put her well above peers her age

  • Lost his eyes in a welding accident

  • Very passionate about personal projects

  • Carries around a dagger and handgun

  • Doesn't have many friends but those he does have are very close

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    Good ref.

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    Oh! Pastries! Does he have a favorite? Mine is Baklava! but seriously, good ref and backstory.