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Gwen Sonnen Reference


29 October 2017 at 14:12:27 MDT

I may have finally found a format that'll work for quick character references. It's all that's needed for the story so why go further? I can later... Anyway. Last image upload for the year. Have a Happy Halloween!

Gwen Sonnen
Azorran a
24 years old
6'5" (~2m)

Father: Olav Cantu
Mother: Riya Sonnen

  • Gwen is the result of a one-night stand.

  • Crickets are her favorite snack.

  • Also likes cupcakes made out of crickets.

  • Was in a terrible accident at age 21. She lost most of her limbs, part of her tail, crest, and eyes. It's since been replaced by prosthetics. Due to their advanced state, it's almost indistinguishable from her real body parts. All the metal is wrapped in a material that mimics skin. A decent make-up job hides the joins quite well. Gwen is still quite self-conscious about her appearance and hides under layers of clothing when out and about. She thinks the eyes are cool, though. It makes her glaring more intimidating.

  • Became quite unhinged after the accident. Gwen has gone through a lot of therapists in the past 2-3 years. Currently isn't seeing one.

  • The accident also stopped her parkour hobby.

  • Helps her dad with his 'work'.

  • Likes to dance on her off-time. It also helps to keep her coordination.

  • Olav gave Gwen a dagger around age 16. He felt she was responsible enough after teaching her how to use many different kinds of weapons, including sword fighting, since she was 9.

  • Said dagger is a family heirloom that Olav stole out of the family vault years ago. It's part of a set of two.

  • Friends consist of an ex-convict, an internet personality/singer, her father, and a snail.

  • Will punch you in the face. Will punch you in the face harder next time.

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