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Red Straggler: The White Sun by Zalcoti

Red Straggler: The White Sun


I just wanted everyone to know this is a thing still. I've been working on it since 2011 and it's at the stage where final pages are to be completed. Overtime has been making that difficult though. Sooo, I have been making sure the story is 100% ready when the drawing finally starts. Working out the kinks and putting in minor details. The overall story is complete, which is nice. A proper announcement will be made when the story is ready to go.

I have no idea how many drawn pages the story will be. Once the script is 100% done it can be figured out then. My earlier estimates were 400-500 pages but it could be up to 600-700 with the changes made this summer. It'll be a long one either way.

Just a cover/title page. All information regarding the story will be edited into the artist comments here.

That logo took forever though. So much measuring and screwing up and just, ugh. The end result was worth it and learned a thing a two about paths.

Progress: Still stalling on starting final pages. Digitized script for chapters 1-7 and 9-10. Skipped chapter 8 for now since it's a technical clusterfuck.


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    Shweet cover!