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Inkrin Adopt: Periwinkle by Zaezar

Inkrin Adopt: Periwinkle


Periwinkle is a bit more intelligent then other Inkrin, in that they can write. But its only the alphabet (in order) and actually can't read. Are they actually aware of what they write? Or is it just a learned trait? No clue.

The very first Inkrin adopt even though I've had them for well over a year. To make up for it I made them real cute! Their ink is Pilot Parallel Violet. Its comes in little cartridges, but its your choice if their home is an inkwell or a cartridge like what you can purchase.

Comment below if you want to buy them! Buying this will get you the unwatermarked image at a larger size. This is a first come first serve system between Furaffinity, Deviantart, and Weasyl. You are allowed to fill in the blanks. So things like gender (if not specified in the image), history, and personality are yours to decide. You can even change the name if you want to!

This character is not yet adopted

Periwinkle not for you but still interested in Inkrin? You can make your own! All the info is in my adoptable folder for them and all the other species I have. You aren't required to buy one but it does support me developing them more~

Inkrin © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar

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