Prompt | Moth and Viola's skull by Zaezar

Prompt | Moth and Viola's skull


4 November 2018 at 11:56:58 MST

We have a new command in my streams. For 2k fish (the in-stream currency you get for simply being there) you can summon up three randomized prompts and you pick one that I have to draw right then using "!prompt". Loxy_skyes pulled the first one that I had to draw and it turned out to be an interesting prompt. It was to draw Moth and Viola's skulls. But Moth is an insect... BUT WAIT! Moth is based on a death's head hawkmoth, which is known for having a skull on their back. Perfect right? Poor Viola though... Next prompt, maybe she will get a better image.

In the future I will be uploading these in sets of 3 or so when we get enough. I just wanted to share this one since I think its an interesting take on the prompt. If you want to see more artwork like this getting made, or even try and do a prompt yourself, you can find me over on Twitch at at 2pm Central 5 days a week!

Characters © Zaezar
Artwork © Zaezar
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