Spookalope Adoptable: Hoarfrost [Adopted] by Zaezar

Spookalope Adoptable: Hoarfrost [Adopted]


21 October 2018 at 12:28:59 MDT

More menacing and oftentimes darker; Spookalopes are one of the subtypes of Luvalopes. Hoarfrost once was trapped in a collapsed ice cavern where they found a power to keep them alive until he escaped. But at what cost? Their insides are permanently made of ice and will melt if given the chance.

Interested in him? Comment below to claim for only $20! Luvalopes are a closed species. (Yes you can change the ice cavern thing if you want to!)

Comment below if you want to buy him! Adopting will get you the unwatermarked image at a larger size. This is a first come first serve system between Furaffinity, Deviantart, and Weasyl. You are allowed to fill in the blanks. So things like gender (if not specified in the image), history, and personality are yours to decide. You can even change the name if you want to!

Adopted by Sazandora on Furaffinity

Interested in Luvalopes, but this one is not quite your speed? I have quite a few more up for adoption in my "Adoptables" folder if you want to browse them :) https://www.weasyl.com/submissions/zaezar?folderid=82092

Luvalopes © Zaezar
Art © Zaezar

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