Elliot the angel by yut

Elliot the angel


13 December 2013 at 11:07:01 MST

This is another cheap and quick commission from turbinedivinity to actually go with the first one I received, to make a sort of set, angel and devil. This one as I figure it, actually has a little backstory to it, to me at least.

I figured that while the devil was relatively loose and carefree, the angel should be the opposite, rigid, bound and restrained. The idea I wanted to have conveyed in the image, and it's kinda there.. is the suit being applied, but then gradually spreading, further restraining the body.. ultimately to encase it and transform it into a sort of fixture or sculpture. The sort you might see over a gravestone or mausoleum, or perhaps affixed to the gateway to a cemetery. Hence the look of surprise, there!