Assassin Gathering by Yuri_Catslash

Assassin Gathering


19 March 2015 at 23:45:38 MDT

And here's ANOTHER cool piece again by white-fox77 he's super cool for making this for the master assassins of our order ^^

Yuri © me

Art and Joel © white-fox77

Assassins © their creators

Quick story.

Morin - Thank you for gathering so quickly... Our situation seems dire. Shadowsky and Miles report incoming Templar threats to our current den location...

Shadowsky - Yes... Joel, the map. As you can see we report sever Templar movement heading in our direction. We've never had this many Templars move in on a single den before this.

Yuri - So? It just means we have to send more of them packing.

Joel - We don't have enough men to hold our ground in an all out fight. Bollocks, most of them are apprentices anyway.

Xepher- ... How many men dose each marker represent?

Shadowsky - Between 20 - 150 men, perhaps armor as well...

Xepher - Damn... I haven't seen this many Templar since the fall of the kingdom...

Morin - We need a plan of defense! We shouldn't be standing around with our muzzles open... Joel... You've seen things like this before right? What's your take on it?

Joel - ... Send the weak underground, hide them, have them escape, what ever... Those able to fight such an assault should take position and be ready to strike.

Yuri - Well, I for one feel like cracking some Templar skulls!

Seth - Right behind you on that one Yuri.

Shadowsky - I think we'll have plenty of that soon enough...

Morin - Alright then... Yuri, Seth take all able bodies to the surrounding streets. Xepher, Joel, take to the roof tops. Be ready to ambush the Templar forces when they arrive. Shadowsky, have you and your assassins try to sneak behind their forces. A dagger to the back might do good in this case...

Seth - How long do we have to prepare?

Joel - Estimated around ... 5 - 10 minutes...

Morin - Then there is little time to lose! You have your orders. Now go!

( Mad rush to the door )

Morin - Lets hope this will work...

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