[P] I think We'll keep him around by Yoki

[P] I think We'll keep him around


15 October 2018 at 19:44:23 MDT

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"Well, good morning ladies." Cyrus spoke approaching the three lioness that had allowed him into thier home for the night after finding him miserably failing to hunt there.  Though at first they didn't seem sure of the rouge male, over the past 24 hours the four had warmed up to eachother.  Things where well and swell.  Cyrus had proven to be alert but very friendly and warm.  

But he was thin, and seemed rather pathetic when it came to surviving alone.  The girls had spent much of thier time waiting for him to wake, feeling some sorrow for the male.  He seemed harmless, no sign of a Tyrant in his manners or tone.  He had even agreed to leave that morning. 

"Again thank you for allowing me to stay the night as agreed I'll lea-"

The trio had looked at eachother as he spoke before Anaka rolled her eyes. Cyrus was cut off as a paw shut his lower jaw gently back shut. The trio in unison smiled, Anaka speaking quite firmly as she looked at Cyrus, "I think we'll keep him around, right Ladies?"

Cyrus chuckled quite endeared by the girls welcome. After so much travel it seemed the cold nights alone and days going hungry were over.  These ladies had allowed him to remain on thier territory.    

He found a place to again call home. 

Concept sketch for Cyrus.
Featuring Anaka, Asha, and Meryll owned by Rhoadienom

After Cyrus' update Rho allowed me to place him in the girls pride, for fun.
I'm still learning about the girls personalities.  
According to Rho the girls are a best friend Trio.  

Cyrus isn't the best at surviving alone. 
He's found out by the three, after getting kicked by a gazelle. 
Luckily with just bruised jaw but no meal. 
He stays the night getting to know them and befriending them. 
He's reluctant but knows he agreed to leave and gets ready to say good bye to the trio.
Only to find they rather have him stay. 

Cyrus owned by me.
Anaka , Asha , and Myrell are owned by Rhoadienom

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