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.: Badge :. Anxiety by YeshItsKou

.: Badge :. Anxiety


25 April 2020 at 17:12:17 MDT

Artist's Notes:
Okay, so this image is based off of a dream I had this morning. It was me, as a wolf, surrounded by snakes. The snakes represented my constant and never ending anxiety. I thought it was a great metaphore and an image I didnt want to forget.

It truely reins true with me, I am constantly worrying, overthinking and fighting with PTSD and Anxiety issues, and the image of the snakes just felt so right because sometimes it feels like my Anxiety is snakes hissing in my brain, voices saying things that arent true.

Its hard to explain anxiety to a person who doesnt have it as they wont ever understand it.

The constant things my brain says, and lies about to me, the constant fears, and things I cant control. Its hard. But I'm strong enough to fight through them on a daily basis.

But this dream, was so vivid and so true to what I feel.

As for the image, the body was a bit of a struggle, i ran out of paper so I had to compress the back end a little bit.

I left Kou faceless because I felt it fit the mood of the image I was trying to make, because thats what Anxiety and PTSD do to you, they make you feel faceless.

I truely love how this came out and am so proud of how far my art has come in the last few weeks. I am working hard to hone my craft and I feel like I am finally getting somewhere!

The background of this will be colored and it will be cut out and laminated at some point :)

Kou is © Me
Image is © me

  • This was drawn FREEHAND.

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