Life size Fluttershy for sale by XxfallenambitionxX

Life size Fluttershy for sale


25 April 2020 at 17:42:57 MDT

I just finished a floppy Jumbo plush of Fluttershy and shes for sale. She is just chilling on my Room mate, James' back lmao.
Asking for $300 or best offer. Shipping is $50 United states, and TBD for anywhere outside the US

About the plush and what shes made of:

Fluttershy is made from banana and bubblegum minky.
She is approx 34" long from front hoof to back. Her eyes, are felt. Lashes are 3d lashes. (my first test for it) The eyes normally would be Embroidery, the only problem is my embroidery machine is too small for such a huge plush. Sewn parts were sewn with a Brother SE 625
Looking into buying a better embroidery machine.

this pattern is new, and I still need to make some adjustments
but for now this one took me about a month to complete, so $400 or BEST offer (no lower then $300 please....)
shes very floppy and not well stuffed but that was intentional. shes made to be very snuggly and soft. if you prefer a firm plush, with alot of firm stuffing, This plush is not for you

my plushies come from a Petloving home. Where we own birds, a cockatoo, and a cockatiel. if you have allergies, or asthma please keep in mind if you are alergic to animals, or birds that give off a dusty dander, this is NOT a plush for you.

First come first serve

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