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Quick note; I'm a little more active on FA and twitter since I only log in here now and then. FA: Twitter: @hellrimewolf
My telegram is (at)Hellrimewolf I'm pretty active there. Feel free to message!

I'm from twitter dot com, I'm more active there though with all the art I'm starting to get I'm coming here a lot more often. My username is almost always Hellrimewolf/ChillrimeWolf but my sona's name and the name I go by is Xevious

About Xevious:
Xevious is a wolf anthro loosely based upon the Lupinal race from Dungeons and Dragons. He appears to be in his early 20s (22 to be exact), and is a bit aloof in his initial emotions. Xev's biology is slightly different from most people, it has a lot of bio-mechanical processes which allowed him to easily change his left arm into a robotic (and much cooler looking) arm. His main interests are Spaceships and MECHs (He wants to build his own). He's very gay, but not flamboyant, the only thing that'd give it away would be him flirting with guys and not with the ladies.

Mostly Xevious is a persona that I just try to lose myself in to distance myself from real world issues and drama, he and I mainly just want to have fun and explore our interests without worrying about 'real world stuff'.

Feel free to hit me up with whatever, I don't bite, unless you're into that. I do have a kik, my user there is "hellrimewolf"