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Tuckered Out by xetsa

Tuckered Out


30 October 2012 at 08:33:16 MDT

A really adorable six week old pit bull puppy. Myself and a bunch of other dog owners made this guy very aware it was extremely dangerous both physically and healthwise to have a puppy that young at the dog park but he stayed anyways. It was so hard for that puppy to keep up with him. I feel sorry for this little guy but still couldn't resist taking a few photos of him. β€” at Dog park @ Griffith Park.

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    Jeeze, it was six weeks old? It shouldn't have been outside period at that age. Or away from it's mother... Good for you guys trying to educate the owner. Too bad he didn't listen. Not only was he risking the health of the puppy, but the mental wellbeing of the dog and it's long term ability to properly socialize with other dogs by taking it from it's Mom way too young.

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      When I lived for a few years with an Aussie breeder we took puppies outside around 5 weeks if the weather was super nice but it was only at home and only strictly supervised and their dam was with them for protection as well.

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        Well on a clean surface where you know what's been walking around and the risk of fatal illnesses like Parvo, Corona-virus, and Lepto' is less likely, it's fine to take 'em out and expose them to fresh air and sunshine for short periods. I know a few breeders who do that. But definitely not in a place where so many random dogs congregate like a dog park. That puppy was to young to even have all it's shots... poor thing. :(