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Lejendairidan Orbital Waypoint Part 2 by X. Cytilinsk

Lejendairidan Orbital Waypoint Part 2

X. Cytilinsk

21 May 2019 at 11:50:21 MDT

Some clarifying views for Orbital Waypoint III, also a comparison with several Lejendairdan spacecraft.

Part 1 images:

-Station Specifications-

ID: Lejendairida Orbital Waypoint III

Prime Station Overseer: Taufix Aontu
Make: Lejendairida Engineering Core in association with the Technology Institute of Tha-Garr
Type: Space elevator, fueling and repair station

Scale: (Main station) 11 Kilometers in diameter, 15 kilometers in height (Support structure) 21 kilometers in diameter, 35 kilometers in height (Orbital tether) 990 Meters in diameter, ~20,000 kilometers in length
Station Crew: 24 Station administrators, 3,000 security and military staff, 5,000 engineers and technical staff, 45,000 civilians

Power: X16 Fusion reactors, X2 Slow-antimatter reactors, X1 Solar array

Armament: X48 Defensive medium yield guided plasma elements, X8 EMP emitter devices

Constructed: 49 years ago
Affiliation: Lejendairida Engineering Core
Technology Institute of Tha-Garr
Lejendairida Special Forces
Allied Species

Modeled and rendered with Blender, image editing with Gimp