Horror Game Monster Concepts by X. Cytilinsk

Horror Game Monster Concepts

X. Cytilinsk

22 April 2019 at 20:28:16 MDT

Some revisited monster concepts from a game I never finished developing. It's some type of pathogenic infection which causes extreme changes in the host's physiology (most notably head, neck, and limbs) and induces bizarre and violent behavior. The game, were it ever to be completed, would pretty obviously center on bodyhorror with religious and apocalyptic undertones.

Perpetually moving, emit pain-inducing infrasound. Theses entities always attack in groups and move in a highly coordinated and synchronized fashion, hence their nickname. "Dancers" are often lead by a "Masked Dancer" and methodically encircle and capture human victims.

Evolved version of a "Dancer". This entity is apparently controlled by a practically indestructible "mask" which is in itself sentient. Additional masks grow in layers over the first, and can be peeled off to be applied to a fresh victim. The mask then proceeds to ingest the host's face and large portions of the skull where it attacks and fuses with the brain.

The most common and diverse infection forms, "etched" infected excel in physical destruction. Strangely, etched infected always develop severely enlarged teeth and/or eye sockets. These adaptions are believed to be a medium through which [DATA REDACTED] can occur.

Rare and highly dangerous entities found only within the zone designated "Ground Zero". "Founders" demonstrate high intelligence and should under no circumstances be approached or engaged with.