Species - The Ankghesha by X. Cytilinsk

Species - The Ankghesha

X. Cytilinsk

30 August 2018 at 16:42:46 MDT


The Ankghesha are an intelligent race of aquatic predators who reside within the depths of their ocean-covered homeworld. To outsiders they may appear mindless, spending most of their time scouring the vast sea beds in large groups. However, they are constantly thinking and exchanging thoughts and concepts with one another. The Ankghesha have a deep understanding of mathematics and space-time as a result. They have demonstrated the ability to cross interstellar space, although little to nothing is known about their technology.


The Ankghesha posses unique sensory organs which detect even the faintest of changes in the motion of water over a wide range through the analysis of vibrations within a crystal matrix. These crystalline "antlers" are surprisingly rigid and light weight despite their fragile appearance. The Ankghesha also have a strong sense of smell, utilizing olfactory organs on the roofs of their craniums. Gill analogous membranes are present on the throat region with a secondary set stretching between the rear-most limbs and the tail. Ankghesha communicate primarily though a complex system of pheromone signals. Their primary weapon is the multitude of tongue like appendages within their oral cavities which are coated in billions of microscopic, ceramic-like plates. This allows the appendages to be sharp as high precision blades while remaining flexible.

I'll be doing more of these soon probably, I have a whole list of odd and improbable creatures I've constructed over the years.

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    Wow, I really love these aliens. I wish I could use them in a sci-fi story

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      Please do! They have no relations with my primary project, just an idea I'd had for a while. You have my complete permission!