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Ultimate Xavier Maldonian Reference by XavierMaldonado1

Ultimate Xavier Maldonian Reference


To just look at each "section" separately, click the links below. Human Xav Pura Dragonian Xav

Well, here it is, the final reference I will ever do for myself. This pretty much cements I will never change or tweak myself ever again, which is a good thing. I know I say this for every change I have done, but I'm finally happy about what I finally settled into.

I kinda avoided doing this though, only because I knew it was frigging hard work and I had done references for myself over and over. Now I know why people charge so much when they offer to do references, it's just drawing, drawing and MORE drawing, ugh.

In the end though, I'm happy with how it came out, also got to try out some new poses besides just, ya know, standing there…still kinda there but not the copy n' paste it was before…heh.

But yeah, here's everything. Here's my human form and clothing I wear and weapons I use, IE the sword that's able to shrink so I can carry it around easily and Durandel in Blade Form. I'm rather proud of that one, since I pretty much got to say "Fuck the rules" and just ignored with how blades "should" work.

And here's my Pura Dragonian form in all it's glory. I'm sure you guys know, but my wings are able to shrink down so I can maneuver around places easier, full size for flight and other things. There's also me with the example of how big I get when I over eat, and the usual result of what happens afterwards blushes

All in all, this two about four days with six hours session for each day, most of it spent on designing, then inking, messing with things and then the final product.

Hope you guys like it, I certainly do! smiles n' tail sways

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