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2 February 2014 at 12:16:32 MST

just the working size of my icon. If you ask nicely and all that i might not protest to doing one or two of these for free. I need some more examples anyway, they wouldn't be animated, just flat like this, but yeah.

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    Kaaaaayyyyooot freckles! Adorable face! Haha so glad I found your stuff in the pit bull tag. Dude, if you're still up for practice I'd love to see Bambii in your style :)
    P.s. Fellow teenwolf/spn (andmanymore) fan here!

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      aw thanks! I'll doodle one up for yah :) Bambii is really cute, i love her plugs and piercings :D
      oh hey ahaha i'm mostly teenwolf rn, i've been losing more and more interest in spn the longer they drag it out.

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        Aaaaah :D thank yah.
        Dude! Ikr spn has gotten dull, teenwolf is making me an emotional wreck! Me and my best friend live text each other our theorys that we have.

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          And there's gonna be a spin off. Bl i'm just waiting to see how they end it. I think they could have tied a good ending around s7ish, made the leviathans better and scarier. ugh i have issues with that show. Teen wolf aughaskd I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK JEFF IS DOING. IDK and I don't like it. 3a was absolute shit and 3b is bETTER? but like, issues with it man its just why are you giving the twins redemption arcs??? they need to gtfo or die??? and gerard??? why is he still alive why is deaucalion still alive why is peter still alive WHY ARE ALL THE MALE VILLAINS ALIVE BUT ALL THE FEMALE ONES ARE DEAD??? /huff huff

          fucking demon wolf thing oh my gOD

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            WORD! Idk about the spinoff for real. Dude, the only villain I enjoy is Peter. UGHU he is so sassy. Ps JEFF DAVIS is satan.

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              my tag on tumblr for jeff davis anything is 'you know nothing jeff davis' I don't like him at all. i've got lots of beef with him.

              I don't like spin offs. i don't know why but none have been satisfactory for me.

              oh my god peter. i want him dead under lydia's heels. I used to enjoy his sass but i am done with all of the guy villains.