Jetta Reference Sheet by Xandrium

Jetta Reference Sheet


29 January 2014 at 14:44:31 MST

I've decided on Jetta being my new fursona. She's like me in a lot of ways, more than i could list. But i do love her. I couldn't decide on a base color for her for a while, but finally decided on blue tricolor. I've always loved the shade on APBTs. forgive me if she doesn't look 100% APBT, she's not really meant to be a fullblooded one anyway, but mostly APBT with likely staffordshire and other breeds tossed in.

so yeah ;w;

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    Jetta is beautiful and a nice choice in a fursona :) I am a sucker for that color XD

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      My favorite part is her freckles. I have lots of them so i wanted her to have them. At first i didn't include the white freckles but thought that it'd make her even more unique :) Very happy about that addition.

      APBTs and other like them are my favorite type of dog, and while i don't have one right now i do wish to rescue plenty in my life.

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        I have a staffie/boxer mix myself and I don't think we could handle another one, no matter how bad we want to (and trust me, we want to; we almost ended up with a pitty puppy when my mom's friend's shelter rescue spontaneously gave birth a week after coming home lol)

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          whOOPS I MEANT CHARACTERS. I'm stuck with little dogs rn i have a JRT/Chisomething mix and a chihuahua/rat terrier mix. the house i'm living in wouldn't be the best for a larger dog, its very narrow >:c but i will be rescuing after we get a bigger house, though my JRT needs more large dog socializing before then.

          for now i get my pibble needs from my work [work at a doggie daycare/boarding place] and from my mom's little pibble pup she got.

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            OH PFFT I've just got the one character but that's only because I really only make human/monster/fantasy characters. Maybe one of them will end up with a pibble pet lol

            Awwwww they sound adorable though! Piper's juuuuuust big enough to not be small and just small enough to not be big lol. She's maybe....oh, I'd estimate 20" at the shoulder, and about 50 - 60 lb (she's got a lil pudge though lol). And she's the opposite, she needs more small dog socialization....though it's kinda late at this point. She had 2 homes before us, one with a chihuahua and one with a lhasa apso, both of which attacked her. She's got scars all over her legs from them, and when she bit back the families gave her up. Soooo yeah she doesnt like little dogs much lol

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              I've been trying to draw more feral/attempt anthro lately, because i usually just draw humans.

              boooo that sucks :C my JRT dude is like 19lbs and our chi is just 5lbs. My friend has a pibble and we brought Cinna, our chihuahua over to see her and they played so well. Penny, the pibble, is such a gentle girl with everything. She lets rats run around on her. She was a street dog from Detroit, recently weaned from her pups, we think she might have been bred to produce fighting dogs or bait dogs, she wasnt used as a bait or fight dog, but she was clearly a mother.

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                Ah, I see! I was the other way around XD I used to only draw feral, then I migrated to feral/anthro, and now I draw humans and fantasy creatures almost exclusively XD Sometimes I still draw feral animals but not nearly as often as I used to.

                Awwwww poor baby :c Fortunately Piper was never involved in fighting in any way. I don't know her history beyond what I said already, but I'm under the impression she was an accidental puppy that just had shitty luck with her first two homes. I think she may have been mildly mistreated (either misinformed training or ignorant children) because she's wary of men, easily startled by wires, and absolutely TERRIFIED of any water outside of her drinking bowl. As soon as my dad pulls the hose off the wall, before he even turns it on, she's at the back door scratching to get back inside :c

                She's better with bigger dogs though. She's a little territorial at home and protective of me and my parents, but she's better at other peoples' houses or on public property. Actually she usually annoys other dogs by wanting to play too much lol

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                  baw yeah i just draw humans and feral stuff, the occasional anthro werewolf as well, but that's as far as i've gotten in the anthro realm. Hopefully going to make Jetta an anthro ref soon.

                  We just guess, because of her being picked up on the streets in detroit, we think they just tossed her out after she had and weaned the puppies. She's young too so it was probably her first heat. Luckily thats all that happened to her, I have serious dog envy over her, she's so bomb proof. She's the most patient and gentle thing in the world. She loves to sit in laps and get cuddles and she'll put up with a bratty 8 year old and its amazin, she's a really good dog <3

                  Oh, yeah I would say the same, maybe she was their first larger dog seeing as they had small dogs and didn't know how to train properly or something. IDK At least she's got a loving stable home now though c:

                  awww that's so cute, i dont know how penny is with bigger dogs, her rescuer had a min pin that she lived with, and she loves little animals and cats, She'll play with the neighbors dogue de bordeaux but only through the fence.

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                    Awwww poor thing :c Glad she's got a home and is standing as a good pitty example!

                    That's what we figured. Maybe not necessarily their first bigger dog but definitely the first dog that stood up for herself :c Or rather, the first to stand up for herself and not be tiny and "cute" enough for them to not care. Which is sad, because she's so perfectly well-behaved otherwise. She doesn't chew on things, she doesn't knock things over, she doesn't go where she's not allowed, etc etc.

                    She's so weird with other animals, haha. She hates little dogs as I said, and she's oppressively playful with bigger dogs....except my cousin's yellow lab, who she tries to run away from and snaps at when he gets in her face....which is exactly what she does to other dogs. She also hates cats and small furry animals, and she gets pissed off when my reptiles are moving inside their tanks....but once I take them out she stops caring and completely loses interest.

                    I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU DOGE

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                      she is a very good ambassador, so loving.

                      Yeahhh I have feelings on tiny dogs getting their way. We don't let our 5lb chihuahua get her way, because she can still do monumental damage if she wanted to. She has teeth she has the potential to do damage, not life threatening damage the way a larger dog could, but she could still ruin your day. But we don't let her get her way and she's been taught bite inhibition so even if she does bite she's be taught to be gentle.

                      huh what a strange set of behaviors, maybe she knew a mean yellow lab before from a neighbor or something, Cinna loves to play and Ryker, my JRT mix, is much more mellow and reserved. I've been introducing him to my mother's dogs, a small mixed breed about his size, Wubbles, and their newish pibble pup Kazan, who's getting bigger and bigger. Ryker doesn't like Kazan right now, I'm thinking becuase he's a puppy and wants to play play play, he didn't like Cinna for the longest time when we got her, so i hope with Kazan maturing and hopefully mellowing out maybe, they'll get along. Ryker and Wubs seemed to be just fine together, which i predicted because they have the same temperaments, calm default and can be roused to pay. Wubbles is also an older dog, they think he's about 6 because he was rescued off the street by my sister and brother and was already grown and an adult.

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                        Ugh, me too. I actually did a paper on breed-specific legislation in high school, and had a whole section on little dogs lol. I think I read somewhere that the two breeds most commonly attributed to reported dog bites were dachshunds and chihuahuas.

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                          i've only been bit by little dogs. I actually got bit on the face by a mini dachshund. she almost pierced my lip, it was right where most lip piercings are placed too. I was sitting on the floor and she was on the couch and idk i turned to look over somewhere and she snapped at me and got my face. We're very careful at work so i hope to not get bit at work. We know when to put on muzzles and when to get a trainer in the room adn when to not push it and work around their issues.

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                            Seriously, it's crazy. I cited a whole bunch of stories about little dogs mauling babies in their cribs and shit. It's insane.

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    I LOVE the design for this character, wow. I love seeing bully breeds being positively shown in general, but gosh, what a clean and endearing design for her specifically.

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      ; u ; <33 oh gosh <333333333 i love me some bully breeds, getting quite the collection of them for characters. baww thank youu <3 i love her so much and seeing people like her make sme so happ y