Best Friends - by Coffaefox by Xander

Best Friends - by Coffaefox


22 February 2015 at 10:20:15 MST

Xander and his best friend Skips enjoying some time together listening to music. Just the presence of a close friend always makes Xander's day go great and makes him feel good inside.

Over the past year or so I have gotten to know Skips92. He has honestly become one of my closest friends in the furry fandom, even best friend in real life even though we haven't physically met (yet). I am able to tell him anything about me without having to worry about being judged or something like that. He cares for the person behind the fursona, not on the art they have gotten. He is truly a awesome person

We had to get some kind of art to show our closeness. So we decided to commission this picture. I really really love how it turned out! We wanted something that circled around music, hoodies, and paws (we both are a fan of them) and this picture does that perfectly! Thanks coffaefox for drawing this awesome picture for us! And thank you Skips for being a amazing friend! You are great!

Art © coffaefox
Xander © Xanderblaze
Skips © Skips92

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