I love this boy <3 by Xale

I love this boy <3


10 December 2015 at 11:40:20 MST

Back in early November, a sweet little boy online--who at the time was just another person to the world. Five days later I met him for our first date, which ended in our first kiss. Three days after that first kiss I couldn't be without him so much that he came to visit me and I in a moment of love and intimacy: I asked him to be my mate. I didn't know that I'd fall for him so quickly and wholly, but I thank whatever power there may be that he exists, and exists to/for me.

I feel like I've loved you forever, and every moment I love you more than the last.
I love you, Metranisome
I am in love with you

Xale belongs to Me, but I belong to Metranisome aka Mete. I am his.
Mete belongs to Metranisome, but belongs to me. He is mine.

Please do not use my characters or any of my character arts for your roleplay or personal use.
My characters don't magically look exactly like yours.
I spent good money on all of my commissions, and you didn't go through the creative process of creating my character.

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