The Winter Soldier by Wyldfire7

The Winter Soldier


22 August 2014 at 21:43:29 MDT

16 x 20 cold press matt board
Prismacolor colored pencils
Two weeks to complete

Some art for Sebastian Stan. I'm going to comic con tomorrow and I am going to get this autographed by the Winter Soldier himself! And just to make sure beciase theres a lot of people who like to claim my art as theirs and that I somehow managed to steal it, THIS IS MY WORK.

And another thing, just because I am posting art doesn't mean that I will finish my commissions. They are on hold until further notice as I stated before. Will I finish them? Who knows. Depends how people treat me. But until then, I am going to work on stuff for ME.

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Visual / Traditional


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    the nose looks a little off but other than that, this is PHONOMENAL!

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    DUDE. I have one word for you.


    that aside, nicely done with the face and all that, I could never get that sort of thing right... I really like the detail on the armor as well, and jeez HOW DID YOU GET THE HAIR THAT NICE?! ...experience, I guess. there are times I wish i really wasn't as amateur an artist as I am...

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      The hair is just a bunch of random lines with different colors. Nothing special

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        i've tried a bunch of stuff with hair though, and I can't get it right... which is why I can't make my own fursona because he has fur, and that's worse. still, what I meant was it's realistic hair, it doesn't really look like it was painted or penciled. just saying...

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          I literally half assed the hair. I took a pencil and drew it strand by strand. And not neatly. I practically scribbled it