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Police Dog 2: Her Majesty's Finest by wwwolf (critique requested)

Police Dog 2: Her Majesty's Finest (critique requested)


6 July 2015 at 18:29:49 MDT

Jonathan is a good boy, he did his duty.
Once the pride of the Police Service, now little more than an outcast, exiled to a tiny village just south of the Scottish boarder, the Police Dog has come to accept his fate, and find a family willing to accept him. A family he'll fight to defend.
But fate is rarely so kind. The Dog's remaining secrets are on the verge of discovery and his life hangs in the balance as new powers enter play to rip asunder his remaining loyalties.

This is a sequel to my earlier work Police Dog.

A big thanks to Da Boz for the awesome cover art.
And an equally big shoutout to Friday/Dandin for leaping into the breach and helping me whip my writing into shape. Any improvements are thanks to him, and any remaining typos are completely my own fault!