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Men of Fidonhaal - Owen Lovonhaar: Salpion of Fidonhaal by WulfeVanDerKross

Men of Fidonhaal - Owen Lovonhaar: Salpion of Fidonhaal


Snowsnow11 is back with another marvelous depiction of a character from my novel The Saga of Fidonhaal: Daughters of the East!

This time it's a portrait of Owen Lovonhaar, the Salpion of Fidonhaal (the highest-ranking cleric in the setting; the "Pope," if you will).
Renowned for his compassion and piety, "Father" Owen raises a hand in blessing, garbed in his ornate temple-robes and with his copy of the Beldsantu (the Fidons' sacred text) in hand.

If a fantasy story of adventure, romance, and magic set within a world inhabited by a race of creatures we'd essentially describe as "wolf-people" sounds interesting to you, I hope you might consider checking out my book!

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If you'd like to check out preview chapters, samples from the appendices, and maps and other artwork relating to the book and its setting, you can check out my profile here on Weasyl:

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