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Map of Enmayar - Nation of the East by WulfeVanDerKross

Map of Enmayar - Nation of the East


Here is a map of the continental nation of Enmayar, the eastern land of Fidonhaal, which the setting for my debut novel "The Saga of Fidonhaal - Daughters of the East," which is now available in eBook and print-on-demand Paperback on Amazon!

Fidonhaal is a world that is home to a race of creatures known as the Fidons, whose name in their tongue translates to "Faithful One(s)" or "One(s) of Faith." From our perspective, we would describe them as appearing to be anthropomorphic wolves or similar canine-like creatures.
This world has a deep history of good and evil, where both the light and darkness of mortals as well as the powers of the divine and unholy have struggled against one another for millennia.

Enmayar, the Nation of the East, is translated from the Fidon language as "(the) Sunrise Branch." It is home to a generally moderate climate, especially when compared to the other three nations. The northernmost regions are typically cooler and colder, but not generally to the extent as is seen in much of Sorrenar. The southernmost regions are warmer, but not as arid as much of Kellmayar is, nor fully tropical like much of Janrenar. The climate range in the southern regions range from subtropical to what we would likely call Mediterranean.
Its landscape is primarily of rolling hills, even plains, and valleys shallow and deep. The continent is home to the world's third-tallest mountain, Mount Daybreak, which is found within the Sunrise Mountain range. The Sunrise River springs from these mountains, and passes between two great hills on its way to the sea. These two hills form the site of Genverdell, the capital of Enmayar at the time of Daughters of the East.
Numerous woods and forests can be found, the largest two being Santaru to the west and northwest, and Zokellhynu, the forest of the fallen, across the land running south from the Sunrise Mountains. Santaru is regarded as a peaceful realm of green and is a favored abode for Wild-Dwellers and druids. Zokellhynu has had a long history as a haunted forest, where the remains of fallen soldiers and murdered folk have long lay... when not reanimated by dark magic.
Enmayar shares its landmass with Sorrenar, the Nation of the North, being joined by a mountainous isthmus known as the Whitemane Mountains. A pass runs through it, which has served as a place of passage for denizens from both lands as well as a home for a distinguished culture. The city of Ovistar serves as the border checkpoint between the East and the North.