Lunar Lament by Wotansvogel (critique requested)

Lunar Lament (critique requested)


11 April 2014 at 12:15:02 MDT

»And the Nightking's soul-deep cry pierces through the cold air -
because his kingdom is nothing without the pale light of his queen.«

German translation:

My Breath coldest Night,

My Gaze the deepest Sea,

The wind my melody.

So you want to hear my story?

Can you imagine being torn out of your aethereal, weightless home into a harsh and cold world? You know nothing but your claws, your instinct. You know nothing, yet you feel old; you are on your own, yet within a new born body. No glimpse back into the Otherworld shall be granted... Hunt. Eat. Live.

But millennia have passed. The curse of our kind. Year after year we have to look upon our beloved ones dying, while we do not fade. Our young cannot live longer than a blink of an eye in the face of time. In the end, Rasuriya, Silentia and I are the last of us, for no one comes through the veil anymore. Ours is the burden, everyone of us a part of a seal given to us by the gods of the firmament.

It is rare for us to find someone to share eternity with. I found such a soul, a soul shining bright like the moon in my darkness. I saw the same solitude, the same coldness like my own. A Dragonsoul... and yet she was different, like she did not belong here.

Mín Kæra, she was taken away... not by a demon, not even by The War. Something so much mightier. For with the connection between this world and our home, our seals to debilitate it weaken too. It may well have happened yesterday, so clearly I see it before my eyes. Her core, her very soul torn apart, eaten, destroyed.

I vowed to guard her for eternity, far longer than one life. So I fought for her, took what was there for me to safe... but what was left of her soul was weak, alas she will never be more than a weak human. Every few centuries she would be strong enough to reincarnate. A witch, to be hunted and scarred by her own kind forevermore. Even if her magic still glows, she will never be what she once was.

And still I keep my vow.



  • 8-9 hours, Photoshop CS4
  • Wacom Bamboo tablet

Art and Character belongs to me, Wotansvogel/RavenMoonART. Do NOT use, steal, copy, alter or trace my art, nor remove my watermark/sign.

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    Both the art and your in-depth description here are very beautiful. Well done. :)