Avania PX Shameless Advertising by World of Avania

Avania PX Shameless Advertising

World of Avania

30 July 2018 at 20:11:40 MDT

I’ve set up a Square online store where you can buy Avania merch and support the comic! (Which just updated last night, by the way.)

When issues of Avania are available in print they will be fore sale here, but in the meantime there will be posters, stickers, buttons, and more!
At present, you can purchase any and/or all of the four 3″ sticker designs, and a colorful 11″x17″ cast poster featuring your favorites! More posters will be coming out soon, and I’ll announce them here first!

I have yet to determine the best way to ship these however (be it by mailing tubes or large envelopes with cardboard backers)... So for any who order early, please bear with me as I nail down the shipping prices and process.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported Avania and I hope you will enjoy all the cool stuff on offer at the AvaniaPX!

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