Avania - Issue 2 Print Proof by World of Avania

Avania - Issue 2 Print Proof

World of Avania

13 August 2017 at 16:51:51 MDT

I am very excited to present the second issue of Avania! It's just a pair of print proofs mind you, but it's a milestone on the long road to publishing! With two issues now completed, I'm only one away from my launch goal of three finished issues, and I am confident that I will be able to finally go live with Avania by next summer. Avania will launch as a free webcomic, be available for purchase on Comixology, and also be available in physical format by direct order (depending on how much interest there is!)

The pages in this latest issue are jam-packed with detail, and I feel like I’ve got the art style down nicely. This issue also features several more bonus pages than the first, which I think turned out really cool! The first issue has bonus art too, but the reason the second got a few more is due to the page count on the physical books; the first issue has 30 comic pages (intro bonus!) out of 32 total interior pages, whereas subsequent issues have 20 pages out of 24 total interior pages. While I want to mainly use digital format and thus have a flexible page count, I am still basing the composition of my issues around physical books. Those will be available based on interest, and may include other bonus goodies!

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