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Northern Lights [Final Level - S1] by Woofle

Northern Lights [Final Level - S1]


16 January 2015 at 10:46:41 MST

Basil, Karina, Cecelia, Xan and Verse prepare to ascend Mt. Rukruos where the last of the Dascillian Military has dug in. They've been setting up here for years, and have the advantage of the high ground. Able to hide behind small rises with legions of snipers, the Dascillians don't look ready to give up the mountain any time soon. The Holy Army who is leading the attack, splits the group of five up, and the ascent begins amid a hail of bullets, and to the soundtrack of clashing swords, howling wind, and the quaking of the unstable earth under the mountain. More-than-certain death awaits near the summit, but going back stopped being an option long ago. After all, fate is predetermined.

Ah, the final 'level' of ECO: Season 1. Only a few minor things left to do before the album is ready to go. This song is actually a remix of and ! Here, just north of Ruse, the characters split up, and ascend Mt. Rukruos, where the Dascillian military has dug in. Spoiler: Everything blows up.

"Plan F," said the colonel, "kill f***ing everything."

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    Very nice! I like it. :)

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      Thanks much!!! :D

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    Epic is certainly a good description for this. Sounds like stuff is really going down (or is that up?) I'm sorry, my jokes are terrible. I'm quite fond of the "glitch" like sounds throughout. Anyway, I'm really liking the stuff you've put out lately, keep it coming!

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      It's up and down everywhere! XD O-or something. Oh gosh, I'm no good at this. I'm really glad you like it!!! :D The glitch-sounds are one of my favorite things ever, too. xD I'm trying to sneak 'em into a few more songs here 'n there.