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OC Voice Claims by Wolfypoof

OC Voice Claims


First time embedding a video but let's hope it works alright! Anyway, this is a video I made of my oc voice claims! Hope you like! :>


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    ohh cool! ^-^ reminds me i once did an old video like that too :3 you may of inspired me to share it here on weasyl ^w^ but i think i'll keep this vid on vimeo and not also upload to youtube cos i plan on updating it plus vimeo has a really cool feature where you can replace videos, and you don't have to worry about getting into trouble for copyright either UwU

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      Oh yeah I think you showed me that one! Ooh that's pretty cool :D

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        yeah ^w^ i really recommend vimeo if you ever need an alternative backup to youtube :3 vimeo could do with better varieties of video selection anyways so hey, maybe we could help out with that! ^-^