[TFTuesday Experiment] Blastoise'd by Wolfaro

[TFTuesday Experiment] Blastoise'd


6 May 2018 at 10:03:18 MDT

TFTuesday Experiment Febraury 2
Tester; DannyofX

After the Kidnapping of the toon wolf the first potion turn him into a Blastoise, he looked quite manly to be honest as his wolf Heritage make him end more hairy than i was expecting. Very big and large girth as well with a nice hairyness. I must say that he get used to his cannon quite well, as he used them on me and make me roll a couple of feets away.

The Second Potion change him to becae more stronger and powerful, he became a Behemoth, growing horns, getting larger and holder of a thick and powerful beard that and hairyness that run thought his body.

The third Potions was interesting as the two ingredients get tied and he ended with cannons updated, cannon that would release a symbiotic goo that would make anyone who get catched on it's blast into a lessser copy of him that would accept the order and would want to make the master happy.

The Last Potion changed him into a Pooltoy, the living Sybiont tissue changed to became more Latex-kind and cause the victims of him to became Blastoie Servants of the thick monster

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