[TFTuesday Experiment] Heavy Suit by Wolfaro

[TFTuesday Experiment] Heavy Suit


6 May 2018 at 09:44:21 MDT

TFTuesday Experiment Febraury
Tester Silverfox61

Notes from the Alchemist:

The tester first potion changed him into a Slowpoke, it was an interesting change for a Snake. In special becuse never i have seeing someone becoming so oblivious to their changes due the slowpoke nature now on him, not even the snake side was able to get active or similar. I'll have fun with this tester for sure.

The Second Potion make him grew a very big and thick slug tail, thought his feet didn't merged with them. At least he spend a nice time squeezing his thick fat toes against that sluggish tail, thought not sure if he was willingly doing that or if were mere minutes on his mind.

The Third Potion was a surprise, he bulked and became stronger, the potion hybridized his DNA with a Machoke making him look quite strong and muscular but being as oblivious he was i'm not sure how that brute strenghth would have helped him.

The Last Potion make him a Living fursuit, as the previous fursuit i'm sure that people who wore it would have turned into a Slowpoke Machoke Hybrid, i'm not sure it would be a destiny people would have liked much... Thought in things like that i can get wrong.

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