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Morning Tunes


21 May 2015 at 07:02:34 MDT

Nothing beats a strong coffee, the less milk the better for me! ;)

I decided to paint my OC Rada, who is Roza's sister with her coffee listening to some tunage on her super hipster walkman ;)

This was originally a little sketch in pencil on A5, but when I decided to paint it in watercolour I really didn't like the result, so I thought digital could do the job instead. Dunno what to say about this one as of yet, it was good to get my tablet out again and just paint really. :)
Anyway, I hope you like her too, got her done on livestream which was a nice change.
Matt. :

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    I like coffee, but I hate the bitterness, so I usually cut mine with milk myself.

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      haha yeah too much coffee gives you bad breath and stains your teeth too, best to just down it XD

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    The coloring, shading, and background are all really nice. This must have taken some time.
    I'm curious if the right arm was based off of some form of reference. I can imagine some people or art styles with an arm that curves away from the elbow. I'm just used to looking at my own arm and seeing it's tube like form. But don't take my word for it. I'm no expert, and this is really good.

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      Thanks yeah took some time as it was originally a pencil sketch but hey. Glad you like it. and no, I did not use a ref so probably why her arm is so bendy XD that will be one to look out for next time!