Altar Cats 2017 by WinterSoul

Altar Cats 2017


2 November 2017 at 14:52:59 MDT

he “Altar Cats” custom painted sculptures are now available!

“Cat King” (open mouthed) is available here:
“Cat Queen” (closed mouth) is available here:

More info is on their Etsy pages, but just to give you an idea of these here:

Each is about 3 inches tall, so they are easy to see on a shelf or altar space, yet they’re not so large that they take up the whole space. Each one is hand painted to your needs, (examples will come soon, until then you can see my previous custom paints on my website and under the other custom painted sculpts). Afterwards, a varnish is applied to help protect your sculpture.

From sculpt to finish, these are done by my hand, so you literally won’t find this sculpture anywhere else! On top of that, these are LIMITED EDITION. Only 13 casts of this sculpture will be made. Each cast is labeled underneath, so which number you get will depend on the color of orb you choose. Color choices are on a first come, first serve basis.

The visual list of available orb colors is on the Etsy page, although I may post it here too. Most of them are glass orbs, however we also have a handful of mineral spheres (Labradorite, Jasper and Pyrite).

*Special deal until the end of December! Buy the "Queen" and "King" as a pair to receive $20 off! Cast number does not need to match, but if you decide on this option, be sure to head over to the other sculpt's page to look at the orb color options.

Again, here’s where you can check ‘em out: