TFF Con 2018 - Bestial (Gāo) by WindTide

TFF Con 2018 - Bestial (Gāo)


6 May 2018 at 01:55:28 MDT

What happens to a guardian of lore as they unleash their primal side... who would be safe from the guardian?

After Whinges had managed to complete the previous sketch, a game of hot potato was played as I passed the sketch book on over to Beast Soul for the next piece to commission! After I had a time to look over their portfolio I knew I wanted them to draw my Shishi, and they were more than glad to do so! It's fun seeing a different take on my character from an artist, and Beast Soul definitely did a great job overall! Definitely an artist to commission if anyone gets the chance!

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WindTide WindTide

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