TFF Con 2018 - Fish Handling (Izel) by WindTide

TFF Con 2018 - Fish Handling (Izel)


5 May 2018 at 00:30:40 MDT

Some folks say that multi tasking is a bad idea in the work place... but not so for Izel! With his multiple limbs he can handle all sorts of tasks at a given time, which makes it easy when it comes to handling the merchandise for customers!

Onto the second piece for TFF 2018, we have the lovely Whines / Ponyboots whom I had a chance to look at their booth. While Donryu was getting the piece finished for me, I spotted Whinges' drawings and couldn't help but feel like I should get something for myself! So I was quick to pass the baton as I delivered my sketch book, and Whinges was kind enough to facilitate in delivering it to the next artist I had my eyes on! I appreciate the professional courtesy and the timing which everything was taken care of!

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