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The Longing of the Irishman (Valdor) by WindTide

The Longing of the Irishman (Valdor)


Somewhere in the outskirts of Dublin lived a blacksmith who was for the most part isolated from the rest of the world. Rarely did the man travel to the port city, and when he did it was to buy supplies for the workshop he maintained. The stallion only brought what was needed, almost a misery figure as he kept a low profile despite the whispers in the air. Only when he returned back to his workshop did he continue his craft, working on yet another commission for a client that had promised to pay the blacksmith handsomely for his services.

Even in those rare moments of serenity, did the horse enjoy the splendor of nature as he looked outside from the blacksmith's workshop. The place itself was well equipped despite appearances, as his mentor had made sure of that before he left the workshop to his only pupil. Valdor had learned well and inherited the will of his teacher, along with a sense of determination in his work. His drive could be visualized clearly in his mind, even more so as the horse took out a locket of wool that he kept many years ago... ever since he had meet that man in Scotland.

"Just a little more time to save money.... then I'll come for you Seumas."

A long hiatus of updates, I'm proud to move onto showcasing the talents of CBN in her amazing illustration of Valdor in a more serene environment. Pensive no doubt, the stallion yearns to return to the embrace of his one true love, and it will take every cent that the blacksmith can save in order to invest a trip to find his star crossed lover.

Valdor Thunder ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

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