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Metalmorphosis (Gāo) by WindTide

Metalmorphosis (Gāo)


Concentrate.... concentrate... concentrate!

Gāo Rèn struggle to maintain his form of flesh and blood while his palm gripped the xiù qiú in his hand, already feeling the transformation take hold. What was fur became fresh bronze, feeling his body become stiff and lifeless. Only recently did the man find a way to harness his powers of transformation, the only way to freely transform between his living body and a metal statue, but his control was still unrefined.

If he didn't master his powers, who knows how many years would be pass before he wakes up... what would the world become in his absence? Gāo was not going to take his chances to wait until the end of his hibernation. There was nothing to his existence if he remained a statue for all of eternity.

Donryu had opened up slots for a digital commission spot, and I snagged one for one of my characters having done business with him in person. Now I have the pleasure of demonstrating the artist's digital artistry with Gāo Rèn being the center piece for this illustration. Thank you once again for a lovely illustration man!

Gāo Rèn ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©

Donryu Donryu

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