Under the Sea (Izel) by WindTide

Under the Sea (Izel)


8 January 2018 at 15:18:07 MST

Despite being a crab, Izel can't swim or dive with grace, being one of the few terrestrial species that drowned in the water! That still didn't stop the crustacean from taking the time to dive down near the colorful reefs of Australia to observe the fish in their natural habitat! For all that he did in his current job, it was wonderful to see the wild and teeming life in their natural habitat.

Now if only a certain song would stop playing in his head...

I approached Neos Avias with the idea for a marine themed commission, and after some brainstorming I managed to pitch a great idea for Neos Avias to work with. As cheesy as the title was given a certain crimson crab with a peculiar Jamaican accent, I thought it was appropriate for Izel to take the limelight! So many wonderful hues used in the illustration, it will no doubt be a theme to visit again with my other characters.

Thank you again Avias for the hard work you put in to deliver the commission.

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WindTide WindTide

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NeosAvias NeosAvias

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