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Character Study - Ignacio by WindTide

Character Study - Ignacio


As odd as it may be, this was the actual first illustration I got for my character. The reference sheet came later, so this piece was more or less used to give a guide of his range of poses, expressions, character, etc. All the same, concept art is still a good guide to give an artist, showing a bit of their character beyond words. It will be an experiment, and I might not get more of these quite so soon, but for now I want to show off my dashing and charming mage showing his variety of skills.

A special thanks to Dai-Studios for working with me on this piece! He didn't have a reference for Ignacio at the time, and still made the bear turn out great with his devilish charm!

Ignacio de la Rosa del Marqués ©

WindTide WindTide

Art ©


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